Boulder Creek Path

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Few Boulder Creek hotels are better situated than the Millennium Harvest House Boulder when it comes to exploring the beauty of this diverse area. Boulder Creek Path stretches for several miles and runs close to our hotel. It's a popular route for joggers, walkers and cyclists.

The path eventually leads out onto open plains, where joggers and cycles stop to rest up at the end of the challenging route. Along the way, there's an array of alluring sights to take in, from the mesmerizing landscapes to the the wildlife that includes deer, geese, mallard ducks and owls. 

Boulder Creek Path also meanders past a kayaking center, a public library, a fish observatory and a sculpture garden. There are also a number of prime fishing spots to be found along the way. Located just north of Denver, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, our inviting hotel provides a balance between rustic beauty and modern convenience.