Re-enact the Boston Tea Party in December

Re-enact the Boston Tea Party in December View on Map


From 16 December 2012 To 16 December 2012


Old South Meeting House, Washington Street, Boston.

The Boston Tea Party is viewed as a turning point in US history, but it is also one of those occasions that many people do not know too much about.

It came about on December 16th 1773, when three shipments of tea from the East India Company landed at Boston Harbor.

However, knowing that they would be taxed on the goods if they came ashore, 5,000 New England colonists took matters into their own hands and threw all the tea into the water.

This proved to be a key event in the growth of the American Revolution and resulted in the eventual independence of the US from Britain.

Anyone interested in finding out more might want to pay a visit to the Old South Meeting House from their Boston hotel on December 16th 2012 in order to take part in the 239th Anniversary Boston Tea Party Annual Re-enactment.

Visitors can take on the role of a patriot or a loyalist in order to see what really happened and how it affected everyone involved.

The Old South Meeting House can be reached from the Millennium Bostonian Hotel Boston easily on foot and should take less than ten minutes.

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