Learn more about the Ice Age on Boston holidays

Learn more about Massachusetts during the Ice Age by venturing just a little way out of Boston. View on Map


From 05 May 2013 To 05 May 2013


Mount Auburn Cemetery, 580 Mt Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

During the last Ice Age, all of New England was buried under an ice sheet almost two miles high that weighed billions of tons.

Some time between 15,000 and 10,000 years ago, Massachusetts emerged from beneath it and its landscape was transformed, not just by the warming temperatures but also by the effects of the ice itself.

Glaciers scraped the surface of the earth and shaped the state into the way we see it today - and it is this phenomenon that guests at Boston hotels can explore thanks to a special event in nearby Cambridge.

Ice Age Legacy of Mount Auburn is a walking tour of the famous cemetery that takes in its most amazing glacial features, including eskers, kettle ponds and erratics.

It is to be held on the afternoon of May 5th and costs just $12 for one-and-a-half hours.

Participants are required to meet at the Story Chapel for a presentation by a geological expert before the walk begins.

Although the event is in Cambridge, it is still easy to get to for guests at the Millennium Bostonian Hotel Boston. Either drive down the I-90 West for 15 minutes, or hop on the red line of the subway towards Alewife.

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