Learn more about rock climbing in Anchorage

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From 28 April 2013 To 28 April 2013


Tap Root, 3300 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK 99503

Rock climbing is an extremely popular sport all over the world and many people are probably thinking of taking it up.

These would-be scramblers can learn more about it if they happen to be staying in Anchorage hotels this month, as a special event is taking place at a nearby public house.

Tap Root is hosting a Sunday lecture entitled Intro to Rock Climbing on April 28th, which will be delivered by a volunteer from the Mountaineering Club of Alaska.

Established in 1958, this organization was created to promote skill and safety in the art of science of climbing, so its members are very knowledgeable. The talk will cover the basics, required equipment and even places in which to climb, so it is sure to be very useful.

Residents of the Millennium Alaskan Hotel Anchorage can easily get to the venue in time for the free talk's 16:00 AKDT start, as it is just five minutes away by taxi.

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