Enjoy the World Championship Sled Dog Races in Anchorage

Enjoy the World Championship Sled Dog Races in Anchorage View on Map


From 22 February 2013 To 24 February 2013


Fourth Avenue and D Street, Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is famous for its snow-covered tundra and local people rely on their sleds - and sled dogs - to get from place to place.

However, this form of transport has become a tourist attraction in itself - and guests at Anchorage hotels will get the chance to see it for themselves at the World Championship Sled Dog Races.

The event takes place between February 22nd and 24th and is organised by the Alaskan Sled Dog Racing Association.

Known as The Rondy, it started in 1946 and now attracts mushers from Alaska, Germany, Canada and the whole of the US, all keen to prove they have the fastest pack.

Races take place at noon on each of the three days, starting from downtown Anchorage at the junction of Fourth Avenue and D Street.

"Come and witness the sheer intensity and excitement that is the most anticipated sprint race in North America. Endurance, Speed, and agility prove these dogs to be true athletes," the official website states.

Residents of the Millennium Alaskan Hotel Anchorage can get to the event in around 12 minutes in a car or taxi if they travel via Minnesota Drive.

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