Catch a rendition of Tosca in Anchorage

Catch a rendition of Tosca in Anchorage View on Map


From 25 January 2013 To 27 January 2013


Anchorage Opera, Spar Avenue, Anchorage, AK, United States

Tosca is one of the most famous operas ever performed from Giacomo Puccini.

It was initially premiered at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome on January 14th 1900 and it has been performed all around the world ever since.

Anchorage Opera will be presenting the so-called The Perfect Opera, which is set against the backdrop of Napoleon's invasion of Italy.

It is a story of love, political intrigue, betrayal, assassination and death.

People staying in Anchorage hotels on or around January 25th to 27th will be able to catch this breathtaking opera on show.

Tickets for one of the performances will be available from as little as $45, with the most expensive seating costing $105.

People wanting to attend won't be too keen to travel too far to the venue, so the Millennium Alaskan Hotel Anchorage could be the perfect place to stay as it is around a ten-minute drive away.

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