Portage Glacier

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ln spite of bearing the city's name, Portage Glacier Anchorage is actually a few miles away, but can be easily accessed by car or tour bus. Even the journey itself is an event, taking in the spectacular Turnagain Arm which is a major tourist attraction.

The changing tides at Turnagain Arm are among the fastest in the world. Here the waters move fast and the scenery is picture-book perfect. As you journey to Portage Glacier, look out for moose, beavers, dall sheep, bald eagles, beluga whales and possibly even an elusive black bear. 

As Portage Glacier looms closer, travelers will be able to appreciate the magnificence of Explorer Glacier and Middle Glacier. There's also Begich Bogg's Visitor Center to stop off at along the way. Sited on the shore of Portage Lake, the center enables visitors to learn about these unique moving glaciers. 

Forest Service Interpreters are also on hand to ensure that international visitors get the most out of their trip and to answer any questions about Portage Glacier. The award-winning film 'Voices from the Ice' is shown every hour in the visitor centre, and provides a fascinating insight into the glaciers and wildlife that populate the area. 

One of the best ways to fully take in the spectacle of Port Glacier is by traveling on a cruise boat on the lake. Cruises run regularly throughout the year and are a popular draw with visitors to Anchorage. Lodging in The Lakefront Anchorage provides guests with a great opportunity to visit the awe-inspiring Portage Glacier.