Downtown Anchorage

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From the comfort of The Lakefront Anchorage, a ten-minute taxi ride will take you to Downtown Anchorage. Hotels, restaurants, shops and bars abound in this vibrant district that's always teeming with life. Here, Alaskan culture in all its richness and diversity can be enjoyed. Explore art galleries, museums and book shops at your leisure before stopping by one of Anchorage's many coffee shops for a bite to eat.

One of the more unusual attractions in downtown Anchorage is Seavey's WildRide Sled Dog Show. This one-hour live action show is part-comedy, part-action and complete entertainment. The highly-trained sled dogs perform some impressive tricks and routines that have to be seen to be believed. Children will especially enjoy meeting the loveable husky puppies afterwards.

For a unique shopping experience, Anchorage Market & Festival is stocked with unusual wares that provide a true taste of Alaskan culture. During the summer, the market does a roaring trade, attracting over 300 vendors and laying on entertainment in the form of lively country music. At the Anchorage Market & Festival, you can expect to find:

  • Travel Souvenirs
  • T-Shirts & Sweatshirts
  • Custom Jewelry
  • Fur Products
  • 30+ Food Vendors serving everything from fresh seafood to Thai cuisine

Also worth checking out while you're downtown is Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall. Here you'll find all the latest fashions and trends, including offerings from Banana Republic, Body Shop and Eddie Bauer. There are also a number of Alaskan shops represented including Alaska Wild Berry Products and Iditarod. 

At the end of a busy day spent exploring downtown Anchorage, just catch a taxi back to The Lakefront Anchorage to relax and unwind in comfort.