Anchorage Museum

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No trip to Anchorage, Alaska would be complete without a visit to the Anchorage Museum. Housed in the Rasmuson Center, this iconic museum is a great way to spend an afternoon while you're staying at The Lakefront Anchorage.

Guests staying at this Anchorage, Alaska hotel won't regret a trip to this fascinating museum. Packed with a staggering array of art and cultural artifacts, there is no shortage of exhibits to tour at the Anchorage Museum. Upon first opening, back in 1968, the museum was a modest affair, furnished with a small collection of Alaskan art. Since then, it has grown in size, to the extent that it is now the largest of its kind in Alaska.

Visitors will first want to experience the museum's permanent exhibitions - 'Anchorage 1910 - 1935' and 'Art of the North'.  Both of these exhibitions are filled with photographs and fascinating first-hand accounts of Alaska's past. A number of artworks are also on display, including enchanting landscape paintings and early views of Alaska. Seasonal events and exhibitions are also held, encompassing the best of Alaskan culture, as well as drawing inspiration from overseas.

The Anchorage Museum shop is worth visiting on the way out, stocked as it is with charming gifts, audio materials, crafts, art and stationery. Lunches and refreshments are also available from the museum's cheerful cafe.