Rustaq Dunes & Mountains

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Among the most amazing things to see in Oman are Rustaq's dunes, forts and springs.

You can explore ancient forts and watchtowers. Learn more about the famous spring that hsustains a temperature of 40 degrees. Visit Rustaq's Al Hazm Castle, where you can catch a glimpse of Omani military history.

Gates of history

Do not miss the castle's two remarkable wooden gates artistically crafted hundreds of years ago and wander through the castle's hidden dungeons and passageways. In the upper part of Al Hazm, view exhibits including a remarkable armoury of guns, daggers and swords. 

The hot springs are said to have medicinal value and in the olden days people used to travel far and wide just to take a healing dip.

When you are in Oman, Rustaq Dunes and Mountains are always well worth a visit. These 6,500 feet (2,000m) high mountains have a grandeur and compelling beauty all their own.