Nakhal Fort

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One of the most famous historical monuments in the Sultanate, Nakhal Fort sits amid palm orchards and mountain peaks in the Western Hajar. This striking building dates back to pre-Islamic time and boasts a gate, fence and towers built during the reign of Imam Said bin Sultan in 1834 A.D. 

Highly irregular

Explore this high mountain fort and you will immediately see that the fascinating architecture does not follow a particular pattern, as it was designed around irregularly shaped rock. Some rocks are part of the building and the whole experience is truly remarkable.

Restoration projects were completed in 1990 and the fort was furnished with crafts and antiquities.

Nakhal is also known for its mineral-laden hot springs that flow year round from rocky clefts.

If you wish to visit Nakhal Fort, Mussanah is a good place to start, just 25 miles away and home of the luxuriously comfortable Millennium Resort Mussanah.