Daminiyat Islands

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Stuck for what to do in Muscat? Isn't it time you swam and dived off the amazing Daymaniyat Islands?  One of the great Muscat attractions, the islands are located 10 miles (16km) from the Batinah Coast, just 75 minute by boat from Muscat.

Perfect snorkelling waters

With a typical depth of 131 feet (40m) and visibility at 33 - 102 feet (10-30m), divers can enjoy the best underwater excursions on the north side of the islands. Daymaniyat's southern side shelters an array of beautiful coral reefs at just 33 feet (10m) below sea level, making it ideal for snorkelling.

"The clear blue waters off Daymaniyat will reveal schools of fish and colourful coral reefs, making it the best location to snorkel or dive in Oman," confirms Mona Tannous, Australian Director, Oman Ministry of Tourism.

Additionally, the waters' superb visibility always guarantees a kaleidoscope of colour and sightings of hawksbill turtles, fusiliers, clown fish, stingray, moray eels and barracuda.

Controlled area and access

Though diving or snorkeling in the waters off Daymaniyat Islands is very safe, participants also need to apply restraint when it comes to admiring the sea creatures.

Because of the islands' environmental importance as a migratory stop for birds and sea turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs, the Omani Government created the Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve to protect the area's eco-system. Access to the islands is controlled.