Millennium Hotel Paris Opéra

12 Boulevard Haussmann France 75009

Fall in love with Poetry in Paris

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From 09 March 2013 To 24 March 2013


The Millennium Hotel Paris Opera

Le Printemps les Poetes will be hosting a special event that could be ideal for anyone staying in Paris hotels between 9th and 24th March.

The Voice of the Poem will feature the written and oral works of the likes of Mayakovsky Pierre Albert-Birot Gherassim Luca, Henri Pichette, Louis Aragon and Serge Pey among others, so could be a real treat for literary buffs.

A number of shows have been lined up throughout the duration of the festival including a special performance of Richard Brautigan by Luc-Antoine Diquero and The Garden in the Moon, which is aimed at capturing the hearts and minds of a new generation of poetry lovers.

People unfamiliar with the French capital or those who have never been there before could choose to stay at the Millennium Hotel Paris Opera, as it is located in an ideal position for the event.

A car journey along the Boulevard Haussmann only takes 24 minutes.