Sacré Cœur

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Guests staying at hotels in Paris, such as the Millennium Hotel Paris Opéra, will find Sacré Coeur situated conveniently close by.

Sacré Coeur (Sacred Heart) is a Roman Catholic basilica on the Butte Montmartre, the highest point in Paris. The site of this 19th century basilica, which was erected in the aftermath of the French Revolution, is often associated with the beheading of the patron of Paris, St Dennis, during the 3rd century.

The Sacré Coeur is built of travertine, a peculiar type of stone that retains its brilliant white colour, despite pollution or unfavorable weather. The architectural style of the structure is in line with traditional Romano-Byzantine design and includes symbols of French nationalistic pride.

The building is particularly well known for its distinctive triple arched portico. It features bronze statues of French national saints, Joan of Arc and King Louis IX. The interior is filled with golden mosaics and the mosaic of Christ in Majesty in the apse is considered to be one of the world's largest, while the mural of Christ's Passion at the altar is also extremely vivid. A climb to the top of the basilica's dome gives visitors an excellent view of Paris.