Galeries Lafayette

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Guests staying at hotels in Paris, such as the Millennium Hotel Paris Opéra, will find Galeries Lafayette situated conveniently close by.

The Galeries Lafayette department store was established by two cousins, who wanted to open up a novelty store in the shopping district, near to the opera house. The excellent location and quality of their products soon brought in many clients and expansion became unavoidable. Today's flagship Galeries Lafayette store is housed in the property bought by the cousins in 1903 at Boulevard Haussman.

Galeries Lafayette is divided into three sections, each one dedicated to a specific range of items. The main building, known as the Lafayette Coupole, features teen fashion, lingerie, designer collections, cosmetics, jewellery and electronics goods. The Lafayette Marriage Boutique and restaurant are also located in this section.

The Lafayette Homme is dedicated to men's fashion and accessories, and also houses the gourmet food store. The Lafayette Maison, which is located across the road, features the latest trends in household furniture.
The latest in haute couture and mainstream fashion can be experienced at the weekly fashion shows held at the Lafayette Coupole.