Millennium Hotel Paris Opéra

12 Boulevard Haussmann France 75009


When the hotel opened in 1927, one of the first guests was the eccentric Jean Cocteau, a novelist, dramatist, cinematographer, painter and designer. He had just had enormous success with his play, Orphée.

Another prominent guest was Charles Lindbergh. Only a few days earlier Lindbergh had completed his first solo flight across the Atlantic in his Spirit of St Louis and had just been awarded the prestigious Carnegie prize.

Boulevard Haussman, where the Millennium Hotel Paris Opéra is situated, was a result of the building and refurbishment of the Grands Boulevards of Paris, which started in the 19th century. This refurbishment created elegant, light and spacious streets with shops, theatres and other fine buildings.

The interior of the Millennium Hotel Paris Opéra was the work of architects, who were given a free reign to combine the Belle Epoque, Beaux Arts and Art Déco styles, which created the style of the Années Folles.

The main hall of the Millennium Hotel Paris Opéra has retained many features, including elaborate marble, wood and brass carving, art deco furniture, tinted mirrors and magnificent pillars. It is topped with a cupola, lit through a roof of glass, adorned with gold and yellow motifs. From there, the stone grand staircase and art deco lifts lead to the guest rooms, many of which look out over the boulevard.