Sunda Kelapa

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Amongst Jakarta things to see you should include Sunda Kelapa if you possibly can. This scenic highlight was Jakarta's old port, once functioning as the principal port of the Pajajaran Sunda Kingdom. Although Sunda Kelapa is a minor port today, it is the origin of the city of Jakarta and played a key role in the development of the city. 

Fish market

Referred to by residents as Pasar Ikan ('fish market'), Sunda Kelapa is located on the opening of Ciliwung River. Years ago the local fishermen sold their daily catch at the port's fish market; the road which accessed the port teemed with stores selling all manner of goods to the fishermen and in turn vending the non-fooditems brought in by seafarers. 

Early 17th century

The Sunda Kelapa Jakarta port was initially founded more than 450 years ago on the location of an early settlement created as a result of the local trade in pepper. Sunda Kelapa as it is seen today was constructed in the early years of the 1600s at which time Portuguese merchants created a trading station in collaboration with the Pajajaran Kingdom which controlled the area at the time. 

Be spellbound by boats

Even today the port is made use of by traditional seafaring vessels, and you will be enthralled by the sight of the handsome boats anchoring there. A significant tourist attraction, Sunda Kelapa port is now an important commercial area with corporate complexes and offices; it is frequented by inter-island cargo vessels transporting building materials, timber and consumer goods.  Visitors may also visit the fish market and or take a tour of the vicinity in a canoe.