Presidential Palace

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The Presidential Palace, Jakarta, also known as the Merdeka Palace, is a state-owned palace complex, currently used as the official residence of the President of the People's Republic of Indonesia. The palace was originally constructed around 1876, and later sold to the Dutch colonialists to serve as the residence for the Governor General. Further modifications were made through the years, making it one of the most eye-catching architectural landmarks of historical significance in Jakarta. After Indonesia finally gained its independence in 1949, the palace was renamed Istana Merdeka, meaning 'The Palace of Freedom'. 

Today, the Presidential Palace is a regal sight to behold and houses important state event such as the annual Independence Day ceremony, always celebrated in grand style, and various meetings of national importance. The interior of the palace holds the Residential Chamber, the Banquet Room, the Regalia and the First Chamber, and more. 

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