National Monument

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Known as one of the most culturally rich cities in Indonesia, Jakarta offers a wide array of historic attractions to the traveller on a mission to uncover the mysteries of this vibrant Asian metropolis. Regardless of one's travel plans, a trip to Jakarta may be enhanced by the entertainment possibilities and attractions which can reveal the true splendour of this city. 

The National Independence Monument, also called Monas, is one of the most recognisable landmarks in Jakarta. National Monument visits are very significant to Indonesians as recognising freedom and Monas is a substantial reminder of the nation's pride.

Monas stands 422 feet (128.7m) high, and was built to commemorate independence from the Dutch colonialist regime. Commissioned by then President Soekarno, one of the pioneering political leaders who led the country towards independence, construction of the monument began in 1961 and was finally completed 15 years later in 1975. An eye-catching tower watching over Jakarta, the lighted monument is a wondrous sight to behold at night against the dark sky amidst Merdeka Square in Central Jakarta. 

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