Jakarta Events and Festivals

In Indonesia you can explore a country with a rich and a celebrated history, including a multitude of kings who have nurtured the culture and traditions during their eras. Jakarta, being the capital city of Indonesia, is even more important and cannot go unmentioned in a list of the events and festivals celebrated in Indonesia. 

Festivals and events in Jakarta are popular among tourists. The city embraces 'Unity in Diversity' as a motto signifying the diversity of Jakarta festivals throughout the year, which gives the visitors a marvellous experience. 

Muslim, Chinese, Balinese

January, February and March host three main New Year celebrations. Namely, the Islamic New Year celebrated in January: the country is home to a large Muslim population. The Chinese New Year is a colourful spectacle in February, with fireworks lighting up the city. In March the Nyepi Day celebrates the Balinese New Year in unique style. 

International Java Jazz Festival is a three day festival featuring a large number of local and international artists on 11 stages in the Jakarta City Centre during March. 

June is significant for many tourists visiting Jakarta since that is when the Jakarta Fair comes alive. The fair which runs almost for seven weeks features a wonderful display of traditional dance and music. 

F1 Grand Prix racing and kite flying

For motor car racing enthusiasts the Indonesian Grand Pix in July is a much awaited event while the Jakarta Kites Festival is counted on to thrill the kids and the sports loving community alike. 

August 17 is Indonesia Independence Day symbolising the end of colonial rule. This mega festival is celebrated every year, usually at Merdeka Square. 

During December, the Jakarta International Film Festival known as JiFFest which is the biggest film festival in Indonesia, will fascinate you. 

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