Things To See

Art & Culture


National Crafts Council (Dekranasda), is a nonprofit organization that collects lovers and art enthusiasts to gather and develop handicraft products and develop the business.

Jakarta Events and Festivals

Enjoy a rich diversity of festivals throughout the year in a variety of styles, in the city with the motto, 'Unity in Diversity'.

Jakarta Fair

Happy Birthday, Jakarta! Celebrate the anniversary of this vibrant city in a fabulous carnival that lasts an entire month.

Kemang Festival

Celebrate the traditions, songs, dances and more aspects of Betawi culture in one of Jakarta's most spectacular festivals.


National Monument

Watch out for this impressive national monument - especially at night.

Presidential Palace

One of the most regal discoveries you can make in this fascinating city is the Presidential 'Palace of Freedom'.

Museums & Galleries

Museum Wayang

Delve deep into Indonesian culture in a museum dedicated to the ancient and fascinating traditions of shadow puppetry.

National Museum of Indonesia

Explore fascinating Indonesian history, artefacts and more in one of the country's oldest museums. Take a tour back in time!

Textile Museum Jakarta

See a diverse and fascinating collection of traditional textiles, presented in a beautiful and imposing building.