The Villagio Mall

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Unique among Doha shopping malls, the Villagio Mall is one of the most popular destinations in Qatar. With its exquisite architecture,the mall entices shoppers with top-of-the-line luxury brands and an exciting range of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Is this Venice?

Visit and you will be captivated by the Venetian-style interiors, which indubitably make the Villagio Shopping Mall one of the most remarkable shopping destinations in the Middle East.

When you want to shop in Doha, The Villagio Mall has to be on your list. Located in Aspire Zone, the Villagio Shopping Mall showcases Doha's finesse for architectural brilliance. Elegantly structured, it stands as an epitome of a typical Italian Village, destined to transport visitors to its charming ambience by the sea.

Gondolas on the canal

The most distinguishing feature is the indoor canal, which runs through the stretch of the mall. Floating on the calm waters are gondolas, an iconic symbol of the Italian village culture. These Venetian rowing boats are available to the visitors to go on a journey through the canals, passing the impressive sights of the Villagio Shopping Mall. 

Olympic size rink

Villagio Mall is an enriching shopping experience, complete with cafes and restaurants. Among its unique attractions, the Olympic sized ice rink stands out and offers an exhilarating experience for the entire family. 

Different themes enliven the mall at various times of day. During the night-time theme, with street lamps on the pathways, you have a charming ambience for strolling around. If you prefer the atmosphere of the day, look above to the brilliant illusion of blue skies on the ceiling.