National Museum

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Visit the Qatar National Museum and you enter one of the finest museums in Qatar, an exquisite showcase of the nation's history, heritage, culture and environment. This is the second largest museum in Doha and presents visitors with an impressive range of artifacts and relics. 

Award winning architecture

The museum building is a magnificently restored palace and a fine example of eastern Arabian architecture, which won the Agha Khan Award for rehabilitation of Islamic architecture in 1980. 

The complex consists of the Old Palace, the Archaeological and Natural History Museum as well as the Maritime Museum and Aquarium. The main building offers a geographical and geological explanation of how the landmass of Qatar came in to being. Other attractions include a section on Bedouin tribesmen and their ways as well as excellent displays of flora and rock formations.There are natural history rooms that showcase the various forms of animal life that inhabit Qatar. 

Aquarium and Garden

The complex is divided into two distinct sections which are the museum and the aquarium while a lagoon in the centre separates the two. The museum also has a beautifully laid out garden connecting the different parts of the museum which features a centerpiece of a Bedouin Tent. 

Life before Oil

There are also several restored palace rooms and an important exhibit at the Qatar National Museum is the one depicting life before the discovery of oil in Qatar. 

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