Doha Fort

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Amongst the many fascinating places to visit in Doha, this former Turkish military structure is one of the most compelling.

The original Doha Fort was constructed here during 1880 when the surrounding city of Doha was nothing more than a village. The fort was eventually rebuilt in 1927 and it is this momentous edifice that you see today, in its role as an important museum in Qatar.  


Doha Fort is now a pleasant, welcoming museum that is well worth a visit. Housed inside its prestigious walls are an array of local paintings, gypsum carvings, weavings, ornate wooden door pieces and other artifacts. Together these items tell the tale of Doha's past and present craftsmanship.  This having been a military fort, it also displays guns and other weapons of war. 

One distinct feature of the Doha Fort is its courtyard mosque which has neither walls nor roof. It may seem strange but this was an intentional as it was mostly used by prisoners who needed constant supervision. 


The museum surrounds a peaceful inner courtyard that gives you the chance to relax and unwind. The interiors of the fort are also calm, ensuring that visitors can browse the exhibits at leisure. Admission is free.

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