Doha Cultural Festival


Welcome to one of the most exuberant, informative and inspirational festivals in Qatar. Brimming with enthusiasm and excitement, the Doha Cultural Festival is a spectacular event, where contemporary ways of life meet traditional heritage. 

International festival, local creativity

Initiated as an international movement, the Doha Cultural Festival showcases the extraordinary creativity of the people of Qatar.

Studded with myriad events and programs, the cultural extravaganza has a long tradition of encouraging creative freedom. Designed to develop and promote the talents of the artistic community, the Doha Cultural Festival aims at creating a refreshing outlook to the field of cultural arts. 

Poetry, music, theatre and more

The programs featured are a delightful experience of Qatar's culture, which are infused with a number of artistic facets including poetry, theatre, music, dance and photography.

You will find visual art galleries and lectures to take part in, and gain insights into the heritage, art and culture of Qatar.