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Paris Air and Space Museum

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The Paris Air and Space Museum is located in Le Bourget, where American aviator Charles Lindbergh landed in his plane, The Spirit of St. Louis, after successfully completing his first flight across the Atlantic.

Built in an area of over 150,000 square metres in 1919, this is one of the world's oldest aviation museums. The museum collection contains over 19,000 different items, some of which date back to the 16th century. Among the collection are 150 airplanes, which are displayed in tribute to the pioneers of aviation.

The Massia Bilot glider, thought to be the oldest of its kind in the world, can be seen here, as well as the bat-like 1897 Avion from Ader, which was the world's first aeroplane to successfully take off. Other items of interest include the gilded bronze medallion belonging to the Montgolfier Brothers, the rear gondola of a 1915 Zeppelin airship, and a prototype of the supersonic passenger plane, the Concorde.