Rizal Park

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When it comes to things to see,Manila is a treasure trove, and one of the finest gem is Rizal Park, only 2.5 miles (4km) from the Heritage Hotel Manila. 

Rizal Park Manila is a major commemorative site and leisure destination situated within the Philippine capital. The story of the park commenced in the early 18th century at the time of Spanish rule over the Philippines. At this time a small sector south of the city wall was designated for the protection of the colonial regime from the attacks of Philippine nationalists. As the area resembled the shape of the moon, it was called Luneta. In the colonial era the area was also known as Bagumbayan, or New Town. 

Iconic figure

The park was renamed Rizal Park in memory of the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal who was executed by the Spanish at this location. The Philippine Declaration of Independence was also made public here. 

The renowned sculpture of Rizal is universally considered one of the most significant historical sites in the Philippines. The remains of this multi-talented intellectual and ardent nationalist are interred in the mausoleum.  

Today Rizal Park is a much favoured haven away from the bustling city, a favourite place for picnicking and relaxing.