Things To See

Art & Culture

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Visit the Cultural Center of the Philippines, where local artists hone their talents, and you can enjoy traditional and modern performances.

Feast of the Black Nazarene

Make time for one of the most intense religious events in the Philippines, the Feast of the Black Nazarene on January 9th every year.

Flores de Mayo

Observe a beautiful religious festival of flowers and processions held throughout the month of May, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Higantes Festival

Celebrate the feast of a Pope, pay homage to the patron saint of fishermen, witness a procession of giants and be prepared to get wet.

Moriones Festival

Watch out for a remarkable, mischievious religious festival, with a serious side to it.


San Agustin Church

Visit the oldest church in the Philippines, an important monument and UNESCO World Heritage site.

Museums & Galleries

Ayala Museum

Visit a leading museum that is one of the most important tourist attractions in Manila, dedicated to Philippine culture and art.

Malacanang Palace

Take time to explore the Malacanang Palace - official residence of the Philippine president, the seat of government and a fascinating museum.

Parks & Gardens

Rizal Park

Take time to enjoy inspirational Rizal Park, with its memorial to a national hero, and its peace and quiet.