The Antidote Blood Type Therapy Treatment

The Antidote Spa presents a new signature Treatment “The Antidote Blood Type Therapy Treatment” to strengthen the immune system with a holistic approach that matches the individual blood type by providing nutrients specifically for your blood type. 

Choose from these 4 styles of treatment:

  • Stress Harmony Massage: Best for blood type A, AB
    The soothing massage technique will ease away your tension and stimulate nerves that enable you to experience harmony and genuine peace.
  • Intensive Relaxing Massage: Best for blood type B, AB
    A unique combination of massage and blood type-specific ingredients help balance your immunity and hormone system as well creating a serene mood.
  • Detoxifying Strokes Massage: Best for blood type O
    Our massage technique incorporated with effective high grade ingredients helps alleviate minor irritation of the skin by balancing the skin immunity as well as stimulating the proper cellular metabolism.
  • Gentle Body Massage: Best for all blood types
    A smooth massage combined with very gentle massage oil relieves obstructed circulation, promotes sufficient blood and lymph flow throughout the body. Pregnant women and their baby as well as Individuals with sensitive skin will enjoy this treatment.

The Antidote Blood Type Therapy Treatment is at THB 2,900++/ 90 minutes.

For reservations, please contact 0 2204 4144 or email: