Bangkok International Jazz Festival

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Immerse yourself in a vibrant and active jazz scene that draws musicians and singers from every corner of the globe, Bangkok International Jazz Festival is one of the most prestigious events if not the most popular music festival Bangkok stages.

Annual jazz festival

Being a city with an exceptional international appeal, Bangkok was chosen in 2003 by the Terminal Xtra Entertainment Company to hold this magnetic jazz festival. Subsequently, the festival has been organised on an annual basis by the company. 

Originally set up with the intention of promoting tourism in Thailand as well as to put emphasis on Bangkok as a world leader in music, Bangkok International Jazz Festival is customarily held at Central World. Drawing over 25,000 jazz fans each year, the targeted audiences are both local and foreign students in addition to professionals in music who are interested in enjoying the jazz music of high quality performed by jazz artistes in the open air setting. 

Many events. Only one Bangkok.

A wide array of other events and festivals take place in and around Bangkok all year long. A festival celebrated all throughout the country is the Chinese New Year Festival featuring colourful dragon parades. Among the other events exclusive to Bangkok are International Fashion Fair, the International Bangkok Motor Show and Bangkok Film Festival. 

Visit the city during the summer months and you will be treated to a range of spectacular events including the International Festival of Dance and Music, the Moon Festival and Chinatown Food Festival. The Thai Beer Festival is another exciting event providing the perfect opportunity to sample the finest of locally brewed beers.