Museum of Contemporary Art (Moca)

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This is Thailand’s first major permanent modern art collection which a perfect combination between the extraordinary traditional Thai art and the academic art known internationally is demonstrated. Inside contemporary art by Thai artists from different generations is exhibited so that from now on Thai uniqueness of art will be introduced worldwide.

Tawee Nandakwang

He is recognized and regarded as one of the nation's leading artists in Thai contemporary art.  A pioneer in approaches to painting still-life, portraits and landscapes, he has spent his entire life consistently creating excellent works. He was rightly named Thailand's outstanding artist, a National Artist (1990) and also in the same year, he was named ASEAN Awards Outstanding Artist in Visual Arts.

Angkarn Kalayanapong

Angkarn is a Thai poet and artist. He was named a National Artist of Thailand in 1989, and won the S.E.A. Write Award in 1986. He was also famous as a painter and created many highly rated drawings and paintings through his career, including "Prints of Himmapan". In 1989, Angkhan was finally honoured as a National Artist.

Chakrapan Posayakrit

Chakrapan Posayakrit is internationally contemporary artist; painters experimented increasingly with Western styles and techniques. He produced many works of art and his portraits are also a painter of scenes and characters based on literature which manages to convey a flavor that is at once modern and traditional.