Erawan Shrine

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Amongst tourist attractions in Bangkok, the Erawan Shrine is one of the most popular, and rightly so. This highly venerated Hindu shrine in Bangkok sees large numbers of devotees attending prayers and performing other religious rites daily. The Erawan Shrine is a well established tourist attraction and regularly features traditional dance performances by Thai dance troupes. These dancers are hired by devotees as an appeasement to the gods for answering their prayers. 

Hindu God

The shrine which is located near the Ratchaprasong intersection of Ratchadamri Road was constructed by the government in 1956 to neutralize bad omens that were believed to be created by laying the foundation stone for the Erawan Hotel on the wrong day. The shrine depicts the Hindu God of Creation and the area surrounding the shrine is believed to be inhabited by a god or a deity. 

Thirty headed elephant

The name Erawan was given to the shrine as it is the name of the thirty headed elephant which God Brahma rides on. Devotees offer colourful garlands of flowers, incense and lotus flowers to the statue. Unfortunately the original statue at the shrine was destroyed in an act of vandalism, however a new statue made with a mixture of precious metals such as gold and bronze was reinstalled at the shrine in 2006. 

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