Thean Hou Temple

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Temples in Kuala Lumpur are venerated by their devotees, while the mystique and striking architecture also attract numerous foreign visitors. Of all the temples in Kuala Lumpur, Thean Hou Temple is one of the most imposing and always interesting to explore. 

Chinese temple
Thean Hou Temple is a majestic Chinese temple which was constructed by Kuala Lumpur's Hainanese community, the descendents of migrants from the Chinese island of Hainan. Traditionally the Hainanese people were sailors and fishermen, and they worshipped and prayed to Tian Hou (The Heavenly Mother) when they set out to sea. 

Representing elements from Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism the shrine is a grand construction which demonstrates the successful combination of traditional design and modern architectural innovations. Spectacular roofs, impressive pillars, intricate decorations and exquisite carvings are some admired aspects of the shrine. 

Dragon theme

The main prayer hall features three separate altars each dedicated to a deity. The altar of Tian Hou is placed at the centre, flanked by the Goddess of the Waterfront, Shui Wei Sheng Niang on the left and the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin on the right. The guest will also notice numerous statues of other deities and animals in the temple garden. The dragon is a recurrent theme at the temple present at numerous locations, representing strength, vigilance and goodness. 

Three fortune telling machines are available for the benefit of visitors, with the fortunes expressed in both Chinese and English.