Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

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Travellers to Malaysia's capital city in search of things to do with the entire family need not look any further than the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park.  This impressive open space is renowned for having the largest "free flight walk-in aviary" in the globe and is among the foremost attractions in Kuala Lumpur

Situated within easy driving distance of the city centre, this expansive attraction is close to the KL Sentral Station as well. Located at Lake Gardens, the park is spread across expansive, lush landscapes and is inhabited by nearly 3,000 birds including local species and those from abroad. Divided into four separate zones, the main highlight of the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is its free flight aviary. 

Rainforest environment

A great place to view birds behave and interact with each other as they would in the wild, this aviary has been designed to resemble a rainforest environment and allows its feathered inhabitants a chance to freely spread their wings and fly. A few of the other engaging attractions one will find here includes the "Flamingo Pond", "Hornbill Park" where one can see Malaysia's very own Rhinoceros Hornbill, "Bul Bul Land", the "World of Parrots" and the "Flightless Birds" section with its Ostriches and Emus.

Natural setting

While the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park also has photo booths, shows and special feedings that involve its guest stars, it is also involved in breeding programmes that ensure the preservation of certain species. Due to its natural setting, bird breeding has proved to be beyond successful and the Emu, the Silver Pheasant and the African Grey Parrot are just a few of its success stories.