Taichung Facts

Population: 2,629,323

Area: 2,215 sq km

Language: Mandarin

Currency: Yuan (New Taiwan Dollar)



Taichung is located in the western and central part of Taiwan and is the third largest city on the island in terms of population.

It is alongside the Taichung Basin and is surrounded by hills, making it a very scenic metropolis that is ideal for outdoor pursuits.

Taichung has a tumultuous history that stretches back to the era when Taiwanese aborigines such as the Bazuba populated the site that has now become urbanised.

It has since been governed by invading peoples including the Manchu, Japanese and Chinese and was declared a special municipality by the Republic of China government in 1949.

Aside from its political importance, the city is also now a vital manufacturing hub and home to many cultural attractions that people who travel to Taichung will find fascinating.

Taichung Travel Tips

Getting there:

The Taichung International Airport is the main hub for the city and is located around 20 kilometres from the city centre. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to get direct flights there, so you will probably have to change at other cities close by to arrive by air.

There is a high speed rail network between Taipei or Kaohsiung and Taichung, so this may be a good option for reaching your Taichung hotel once you have landed in Taiwan.

Getting around:

It is not advisable to drive in Taichung unless you are experienced on Chinese roads, as many road signs only feature Chinese characters and lots of the rules are different. Furthermore, congestion frequently occurs along the main highways and parking is likely to be difficult.

If you have brought your car to your Taichung hotel, you may therefore wish to leave it there and use public transport.

There are two railway lines to use in the city, as well as a relatively frequent bus service which should mean you can get to wherever you want to go quickly and easily.

However, taxis may be the best form of transport for many visitors as they are widespread and fares are quite cheap.

Staff at the Millennium Vee Hotel Taichung will be able to help you make a taxi booking if you are unsure of how to go about it.

What to pack:

Taichung experiences plenty of sunshine but is also very humid, so you will need your hat, plenty of sun cream and lots of changes of clothes.

Although the average temperature is around 22 or 23C, the summer months are usually much hotter and the mercury may creep up closer to the mid-thirties then.

The wet season takes place between May and August, but Taichung is less stormy than its neighbours thanks to it being surrounded by the Central Mountain Range and the Miaolo Hills.

What to do and where to go?

There are plenty of cultural attractions in the Taiwanese city so you should be spoilt for choice if you want to boost your knowledge of world history during your trip.

However, bargain hunters will also be pleased at the array of cheap and interesting items on offer at the various markets and foodies will love the vast choice of restaurants.

Ensure you take time out of the bustling metropolis to appreciate the beauty of Taichung's surroundings too.

Our Taichung travel guide below will provide you with brief suggestions of exciting things to do. 

Famous Landmarks:

Fulfilment Amphitheatre

World Trade Centre

Opera Hall

Arts and Culture:

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

National Museum of Natural Science

Wenying Hall


Taichung City Hall

Confucius Temple

Pao Hueh Temple

Parks and Recreation:

Taichung Winery

Sun Moon Lake

Feng Chia Night Market




Population: 2,629,323

Area: 2,215 sq km

Language: Mandarin

Currency: Yuan (New Taiwan Dollar)

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