Stock 20

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Located within the inner part of Taichung Train Station lies Stock 20 artist studios, the cultural headquarters and creative art studio of Central Taiwan. Numerous exhibitions are held here, often paving the future career paths for the artists. Stock 20 attracts numerous international visitors.

The studio is located in the inner part of the rear exit of Taichung Train Station. Taiwan Railway Administration assigned the 7 stock rooms there numbering them from Number 20 to 26.

The stock rooms were built in the 1930's, during the time of Japanese colonial period, and they had been left unused over decades.

The Council of Cultural Affairs assigned the rooms to an art consulting company, who then redesigned them to be an art gallery, with coffee shop and exhibition space.  Ever since it opened, this gallery made from discarded stock rooms has attracted curious members of the public. Today, this gallery is infamously called "Stock 20", and represents base for prospect artists to conduct their research and experiment of art.