Wat Chalong

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Wat Chalong is the most important of the 29 temples that are housed in Thailand. It is also the biggest and most ornately decorated of all the temples in Thailand.

These temples are an important symbol of Thailand because the majority of Thai people are Buddhist and secondly because the structures themselves are magnificent. There is a saying among Thai tourists that if you are in Phuket but have not visited Wat Chalong then you have not really visited Phuket at all. 

Statues and fireworks

The temple is associated with two Luang Pro Chaem monks who were specialists in herbal medicines and the resetting of bones. These monks assisted the people of Thailand during a time of foreign rebellion. 

Visit the temple today and you will find statues of these monks and others who served their time throughout the temple and they are generally worshipped by the people of Thailand.  

Do not be surprised to hear firecrackers going off. This custom, which is unusual in Thailand, shows gratitude for prayers that have been answered. 

Buddhist heritage

Travellers will discover the rich heritage of Thai Buddhist practices when visiting this temple. Once a week there is a holy day, and visiting the temple on this day will allow you to be privy to more of the sights and sounds at this temple. Please remember to remove your shoes before entering the temple. 

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