Wat Chalong Fair

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A key event in the national calendar of Phuket, the Wat Chalong Fair attracts many people from Thailand and beyond.

Originally, the event was widely enjoyed by local farmers and other hard working residents, with the farmers creating a funfair on the temple grounds once the harvest had been brought in.  Wat Chalong is described as the most revered Buddhist temple in South Thailand. 

Visitors attend to lay flowers, light candles and offer prayers showing respect to their religion and temple. The entire temple comes alive with the illumination of bright lights, soothing music and the aroma of food being cooked at restaurants. 

Entertainment, shopping and dining

An interesting fusion of entertainment, dining and shopping, the fair takes place in parallel with the New Year celebrations of China. Usually the fair takes place at the temple's premises for eight days each year towards the end of January. Many vendors selling a wide array of items from souvenirs and clothing to electrical items as well as hats, bags, cosmetics, ceramics and jewellery are present at the fair offering great bargains. 
Visitors get the opportunity to sample a range of Thai cuisine at restaurants that are set up in the grounds. Adding even more vibrancy to the event, live concerts, Thai dancing, Muay Thai boxing displays, appearances from Thai celebrities and much more fulfil the entertainment schedule. 

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