Thai Amulets Market

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Bangkok, with its enticing array of street markets throughout the city is recognised as one of the best shopping destinations in the world. However, shopping in Patong is every bit as fascinating and rewarding, and if you want to visit an amulet market, Phuket has one that is very special. 


Many Thai Buddhists consider wearing an amulet to be a tradition. Some believe that wearing these amulets protects them from diseases, accidents and witchcrafts. However, the amulets are popular throughout the world and are thought to possess mystical powers that bring good fortune to the owner.  

Located adjacent to Wat Mahathat, Thai Amulets Market offers an amazing choice of religious amulets, talismans, charms and traditional medicine. Hordes of customers squat on the ground at the market examining the amulets carefully with magnifying glasses. 


No standard market prices are set for the amulets, so the price will depend on the negotiations made between the seller and buyer.