Songkran Festival


Looking for a fun-filled, family-friendly vacation in Thailand? Take a trip to Phuket during the month of April and make sure the 13th of the month is kept free for the water fight of the year! The 13th of April is when the People of Thailand celebrate the Songkran Festival. Phuket of course joins in with the custom of splashing each other with buckets of water and having the time of their lives.

Good luck for all

The act of sprinkling water on each other's hands to wish good luck and on statues of Lord Buddha to symbolise reverence was a traditional practice which is centuries old. However today, it has evolved into a mega water fest which leaves everyone soaked and laughing. 

This unique experience will no doubt add some spark to a holiday in Phuket, as it will be a great time to relax as well a great opportunity to mingle with the locals. Do not be surprised to discover young local children hiding with water guns ready to spring upon unsuspecting passersby. Avoid carrying high tech gadgets such as cameras unless they are waterproof. 

Rejuvenation for the nation

Locals who celebrate these festive times also visit Buddhist temples to pray and to offer food to the resident monks. In many parts of Thailand various Buddha statues are paraded so that the locals can sprinkle water on them, which they believe brings them good fortune. During Songkran, Phuket is great place to be as everyone eagerly takes part in this remarkable celebration of renewal and rejuvenation.