Old Phuket Town

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Old Phuket Town is a must visit area for tourists that come here, though for many Phuket is an island paradise it also holds a wealth of history and colonial architecture.

A walk around the old streets of Thalang, Dibuk and Krabi will transport you back to the area's "Tin Boom" of the 16th century. This area still remains largely unchanged, with magnificently preserved shop houses, palatial mansions and even a historic Red Light District. 

Unique mix of styles

The architecture of Old Town Phuket tells its own story, the unique blend of Portuguese, British. French and Chinese styles are a reminder of its colonial days. A stroll through this historic district will enable you to experience some interesting museums, exotic architecture and traditional Thai temples. 

The colourful quaint shop houses which are of the Sino-Portuguese architectural style can be seen lining the streets of Thalang and Dibuk. Some of these buildings are operational even today and have been converted in to cafes and restaurants.

Coffee houses 

Examples of large European mansions can also been seen on Krabi Road. These buildings are said to be designed in Sino-Colonial style that features beautiful inner courtyards, elaborate porticos and a terrace on the upper floor. 

This area is best explored during the day and visitors can also enjoy some of the delightful coffee houses and restaurants that are located in this area on their journey. It is also exceedingly close to the acclaimed five star resort hotel in Patong Beach Phuket, Millennium Resort Patong Phuket.