Bangla Street


Your stay has to include an exploration of Bangla Road, Phuket's most vibrant entertainment and nightlife district. Usually quite calm during the day but after nightfall Bangla Road is transformed in to a hive of activity.

Eclectic and electric

This eclectic entertainment district has its own unique atmosphere and is a place of electrifying  energy and amusement. Colourful neon lights and the loud music blaring out of the many night spots add to the sound of raucous tourists speaking in a multitude of languages, making this one of the noisiest and most exciting places in Phuket. 

Bangla Road is known for having the highest concentration of nightclubs and bars in Phuket and judging by the large numbers of revelers that head there every night it also offers the best quality. The area is also home to a fair number of karaoke lounges and discos.

Relaxed and chic

If you prefer a more relaxed night out, the beginning of Bangla Road is home to fashion boutiques and souvenir shops, while chic restaurants, roadside food courts and eateries can also be found. 

Bangla Street Patong draws in many tourists that come to experience the beautiful beaches of the island but also attracts a large local crowd. This diverse mix of nationalities is what lends the district its unique ambience. Hotels near Bangla Road include the 5 star Millennium Resort Patong Phuket, a Bangla Road Hotel that effortlessly enables its guests to experience the rollicking nightlife of the region.