Tropical Spice Garden

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Malaysia inherits a rich legacy in the production and trading of spices, having exported exotic spices to the West for many decades. The Tropical Spice Garden, a lovely verdant haven in the midst of the city, is a reflection of this legacy although it was created in modern times.

Tropical flora numbering more than 500 species including many of Asia’s most valuable spices have been harmoniously integrated at the garden, whilst retaining the original natural elements native to the area. The attractive garden boasts many distinctive features, including doorways, stream crossings, gazebos, pergolas and hammocks. The water features are a significant aspect at the garden, soothing the senses of visitors with the murmur of running water in streams, waterfalls and ponds.

The wooden structures at the location are composed of a selection of Malaysian matured hardwoods such as meranti, chengal batu and teak, obtained and recycled from pre-war houses and dismantled warehouses in Penang.  

At different locations at the site you will see special Garden Rooms, which present various plant collections like herbs and spices, bamboos, aquatic plants, gingers, ferns, orchids, jungle plants and more. The Cycad Room, Water Garden, Spice Terraces, Banana/ Heliconia Bank, Bamboo Garden and Sugar Terrace are just a few of these special rooms, offering an intriguing insight into a captivating world of flora.

Visitors will enjoy exploring the site on three specially created trails – the Ornamental Trail, Spice Trail and Jungle Trail – which never fail to captivate and enthral, taking you on a truly unforgettable journey.