Tropical Fruit Farm Penang Malaysia

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If you want to tantalize your taste-buds with luscious sun ripened fruits, the Tropical Fruit Farm in Penang is the perfect place to visit. Located in the mountainous Teluk Bahang which has the ideal environment and climate for vegetation, this 25-acre orchard of various fruits was initiated to preserve tropical fruit trees from extinction.

Today, the Tropical Fruit Farm has become a perfect place to visit for those on a family holiday in Penang, giving you the chance to savour a wide variety of succulent fruits, while touring and exploring the orchard. The orchard boasts an array of interesting tropical and sub tropical fruit trees from all parts of the world including South Asia, Central Africa and America, the Pacific and the Caribbean islands.

If you decide to take up the fully guided tour of the farm, you get the chance of exploring various interesting fruit species which include durian, lychee, guava, soursop, nutmeg, mangosteen, rambutan, jambu and many more. Exotic hot pink dragon fruit and rare Brazilian grapes are some of the fascinating fruits available in the farm. The complete tour takes about one hour and gives you the opportunity to explore the tropical wonders from the experienced guides.

What better way to end your journey through the Tropical Fruit Farm, than by feasting on the freshly cut succulent fruits and thirst-quenching juices, rounding up a sweet finale to a fruitful expedition.