St Anne's Festival

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St Anne’s Festival ranks among the most popular festivals in Penang. This religious event draws hordes of visitors each year as thousands of pilgrims from around the world flock to the 19th century, St Anne’s Church in Bukit Mertajam. A novena, procession and prayer are all part of the St Anne’s Festival in Penang. This colourful and lively celebration is the perfect time to soak up some local culture.

If you are travelling to Penang, St Anne's Church is a must visit whether it is during the festival period or not. The church is one of the premier landmarks in the region renowned for its exquisite architecture. Named after the Virgin Mary, the site comes alive during the festival period, affording you a taste of authentic local traditions and customs.

Before the Catholic devotees congregate at the church, a prayer ritual takes place for a number of consecutive days. The candle light procession is held on the church grounds against the stunning backdrop of the white church building, under starry skies. The atmosphere during the event is lively and resembles a fairyland of lights, a truly enthralling site that will be etched in the memory of those who come to catch a glimpse of the festivities.