Snake Temple

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One of the most unique and intriguing attractions one may come across, the Snake Temple in Penang draws visitors from various parts of the world. This site is dedicated to a Buddhist monk by the name of Chor Soo Kong and is home to numerous serpents. Legend has it that this monk used to be a healer providing shelter to the snakes of the jungle nearby.  After he passed away and the temple was completed, the snakes are said to have arrived here on their own accord.

Buddhist sculptures and art works are resplendent here. The fragrance of burning incense wafts through the air and swirling around the coiled pit vipers while soft sounds of Buddhist prayer add to the overall sense of calm. Some stop by the temple merely to catch a glimpse of its snakes and on the way to the site you can purchase a souvenir sold at stands on either side.

A fascinating aspect for speculation is whether the serpents are de-venomed or merely tamed as there were no instances of harm to any visitor over the years. Some even argue that these serpents are kept at bay by the whiff of burning incense!