Penang Butterfly Farm

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One of the leading tourist attractions in Penang, the one of a kind Penang Butterfly Farm provides the ideal opportunity for you to get in touch with nature. Opened to the public in 1986, the farm is currently home to about 120 species of butterflies, making up an average population of 4,000. In addition to this wide variety of colourful butterflies, visitors can also closely observe various other insects and creepy crawlies, making a fascinating outing for the entire family.

This butterfly farm in Penang takes pride in being the first of its kind to be opened in the tropical region, serving as a living museum which educates the public and focuses on the conservation of these insects.

Visitors to this attraction also stand the chance to catch a glimpse of such exotic butterfly species as the rare Yellow Birdwing butterfly and Rajah Brooke. Adding to the farm’s natural allure are over 300 plant species.

Another highlight at this living museum is the Tropical Fruit Farm which is an expansive organic orchard where over 250 types of fruit including West Indian cherries and durians are grown.

During a tour around this orchard, you will get to sample some of these delicious fruits, mostly as freshly squeezed fruit juices!

You can also experience up-close encounters with small reptiles in their natural habitats. The farm’s Museum of Asian Artefacts is an attraction in its own right, whilst man-made waterfalls, a rock garden and lily pond are among the other features you can explore.