Chinese New Year


Celebrated in late January or early February, the Chinese New Year celebrations in Malaysia let you experience the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese community living in Georgetown. The festival is a prolonged celebration of fifteen days and is commonly known as the Lunar New Year.

The preparations begin one month prior to this much awaited cultural festival. The history of this New Year celebration dates back to over a thousand years, and age old traditions and customs are still observed till today. Every Chinese household in Malaysia is cleaned, renovated and decorated with Chinese lanterns, mandarin orange trees and mandarin baskets.

According to the mythical beliefs, in pre historical China, people have constantly lit firecrackers all night long in order to protect their households and the city against evil spirits. Fast forward this tradition, the night sky of Penang is filled with fireworks during the Chinese New Year festivities, offering a truly dazzling sight.

The best part of the Chinese New Year comes with family reunions, the preparation of traditional Chinese delicacies and the various types of festivities which keep everyone in high spirits through the night. Chinese New Year celebrations on Penang Island have long been a highlight for its well preserved traditions and wide range of outdoor entertainment. Among these cultural activities, one can witness martial arts demonstrations, lion dances, Chinese opera, drumming, morality dramas and more. A visit to Penang during the Chinese New Year festivities is a must if you are interested in experiencing some traditional Chinese culture.