Place Vendôme

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Guests staying at hotels in Paris, such as the Millennium Hotel Paris Opéra, will find the Place Vendome situated conveniently close by.

Place Vendome is one of the world's most loved squares. It is the starting point for the fashionable shopping avenue Rue de la Paix. Place Vendome is built in a minimal architectural style, with pedimented screens across the corners giving the rectangular square an octagonal appearance.

The square was created in 1702 in honour of Louis XIV, and was meant to be a tribute to his gallant army. A statue of the King, riding on a horse, was placed in the centre of the square, which was then referred to as the Place Louis le Grand. The tall distinctive columnar structure in the middle, known as the Vendome Column, was a later addition.

The column was erected during the time of Napoleon and commemorates his victory at Austerlitz. According to legend, the bronze plates for this 425 ft structure were taken from the cannons of the combined armies of Europe. The monument, which was based on the Roman Trajan's Column, features a statue of Napoleon at its summit.

In recent times the area around Place Vendome has become a place known for fashion and style and many famous hairdressers have their salons located here.