Joshua Bell plays violin concerto at the Royal Opera House

Joshua Bell will play his Stradivarius View on Map


From 25 September 2014 To 25 September 2014


Royal Opera House Muscat

The Poet of the Violin, Joshua Bell will lead the renowned orchestra Academy of St Martin in the Fields with a programme including works by Beethoven and Mendelssohn. The American Grammy Award-winning violinist and conductor will play on his 300-year-old famous Stradivarius violin known as the Gibson ex Huberman. Stradivarius made this violin 1713 during his heydays as a violin maker. 

The violin has quite a history to it, about which a documentary film was made called The Return of the Violin. The instrument was stolen twice from its previous owner, Bronis?aw Huberman. 

Bell had played the violin before he purchased it at which time Huberman jokingly told him the violin could be his for four million dollars. When later, Bell heard that the violin was about to be sold to a German industrialist to become part of a collection, he decided to sell his Tom Taylor Stradivarius for two million dollars and acquired the Gibson ex Huberman instrument.  

You can see the instrument plus owner in action in the Royal Opera House this September. 

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